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Kit Protezione Vacanze

The essential to sanitize any environment


TopProtection has created a selection of the most suitable products for sanitization and disinfection of home environments and objects, or holidays house or hotel room.

Theoretically hotels and renting houses for holidays should be properly sanitized already, but it's better being provident.


The Kit consists of:

  • 1 bottle of Hygi Duo Surface of 750 ml with practical "travel size" dispenser: perfect to sanitize any surface like kitchens top, sinkers and sanitary, garden furniture. Thanks to the practical "travel size" dispenser for free you can always bring it with you and use it in any moment even outside.


  • 1 can of Lesepidina Spray of 200 ml: hydroalcoholic solution at 75% based of sodium hypochlorite, effective to eliminate 99% of bacterial load from clothes and surfaces as per indications of the Ministry of Health. Perfect to sanitize couches, beds, pillows, fabric and surgical masks.


  • 1 bottle of sanitizing hand gel of 500 ml with "travel size"dispenser: essential for the little children who tend to touch everything and then put hands on mouth or face. Very useful for kids who take public transports and get in touch with many people. With free "travelling size" bottle (random color carabiner) you can always take it with you thanks to the comfortable carabiner, which enables to hang it on the bag shoulder strap, or on a backpack or directly on the stroller.


  • 1 bottle of sanitizing soap SECURGEM of 1 Liter: liquid sanitizing soap for hands hygiene, with 2 antibacterical active principles, triclosan and lactic acid. Ideal to associate cleansing to a complete hygiene.